Winning Together Honorably

Aagard delivers packaging systems that give our customers a competitive advantage. We design custom case packers, cartoners, sleevers, retort, palletizers and combination systems built in the USA to fit your specific application, product, and production environment. Our robust systems have made us leaders in the packaging industry.

Solutions in Action

Aagard released the Aspire packaging cell in response to new regulations and customers’ evolving needs
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We are focused on maintaining a culture that fosters creativity through collaboration. We strive to bring excitement and innovative thinking to every project. Our culture gives us the tools to motivate, support, and empower the best people.
Total Project Success is fundamental at Aagard, and customer relationships are a significant part of that success. Aagard is dedicated to forming true collaborative partnerships with our customers, which allows us to design unique, industry-leading solutions that give them a competitive advantage.
Aagard creates and controls motion with a focus on combination systems and custom solutions. By providing custom combination equipment, Aagard is able to offer solutions with smaller footprints, shorter install times, less installation cost, and fewer operators while still increasing uptime and product throughput.
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