Winning Together Honorably

Aagard delivers packaging systems that give our customers a competitive advantage. Custom built in the USA to fit your specific application, product and production environment, our robust systems have made us leaders in the packaging industry.

Solutions in Action
Maksimal TCP for pouches allows many configuration options for quick product changeovers.
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From the very beginning, Aagard has focused on creating a culture that cultivates creative thought, and supports change and growth. While it continues to evolve, our culture statement has given us the foundation to hire, motivate, and support the right people as they implement our collective vision.
A great relationship between a customer and their supplier starts with an alignment of vision. It is hard to support each other if we are going in different directions. We encourage you to look at our vision of the future evaluating Aagard’s alignment with your company, enabling us to make the journey with you.
We strive to build great long-term relationships with our customers. We understand to do that we must provide good long-term value. We trust as you learn more about the Aagard Group, your confidence in our ability to bring good long-term value to your company will continue to grow.