All-in-One-200x150Combination Equipment
Integrating previously separate machine functions into one system is a primary focus of The Aagard Group. Our combination Cartoner, Case Packing and Palletizing machines adapt to your requirements, work tirelessly to meet them, and report to you on the progress.


180-KD-Cartoner200x150Wrap Around Cartoners
Aagard patented Wrap Around Cartoners are designed and manufactured to each customer’s application requirements. Eliminate your concerns with multiple construction options, modular design, simplified operation, versatile capabilities along with space and cost savings.


171-KDCP-CasePacker-200x150Case Packers
Knock Down, Wrap Around, Trays, Harness Style, Intermittent, Servo, Continuous Motion, Double & Triple Indexing, Cartoners, Retort Loading and Unloading; Aagard can design and manufacture a solution for your Case Packer requirements.


124-WA-Sleever-Case-Packer-Detail-200z150Wrap Around Sleevers
Aagard Wrap Around Sleevers help you create a two-for-one shelf presentation that leverages the visual effect of the primary product package and a wrap-around sleeve. This approach allows you to visually highlight the consumed product in its primary package as well as a paperboard sleeve that presents label graphics, product features and use instructions.


Maksimal_101212-detail-200x150Maksimal™ Flexible Pouching System
Combining continuous motion pouch forming, filling, and sealing for the first time, the Maksimal™ FPS redefines HFFS and brings advantages not found elsewhere. The Maksimal™ FPS is able to run thinner, less expensive films, all while running faster.


101-Retort-Loader-Detail-200x150Retort Loading and Unloading
Aagard Retort Loading and Unloading modules provides you with a customized solution to your product specifications and production environment, allowing the use of heavier, more durable divider sheets with no direct human handling. Increase your line capacity and efficiency by automating your retort operation.