All-in-One-200x150Combination Equipment
While delivering excellent stand-alone equipment, Aagard’s combinations systems are truly unique. These integrated packaging systems significantly increase overall line efficiency and reduce installation time and cost, required line labor, and utility costs.

An Aagard cartoner is designed and manufactured to each customer’s application requirements. Our patented wrap around cartoners are designed to run flat carton blanks and integrate the side seam gluing function. This option can offer significant material savings and increase production efficiency.

Aagard’s more traditional knock down cartoners offer speed and flexibility and can provide significant space and cost savings when paired with other equipment modules.

171-KDCP-CasePacker-200x150Case Packers
Aagard’s stand-alone case packers are designed with the future in mind. Add an integrated palletizer or an upstream cartoner in the future. Our case packers not only help you achieve a very small footprint, they also provide flexibility to meet your changing requirements.

Aagard’s unique wrap around sleevers help you create a two-for-one shelf presentation that leverages the visual effect of the primary product package and a wrap around sleeve. Visually highlight the consumed product in its primary package as well as paperboard sleeve that presents label graphics, product features, and use instructions.

Aagard retort loading and unloading modules provide you with a customized solution to your product specifications and production environment. This allows the use of heavier, more durable divider sheets with no direct human handling. Increase your line capacity and efficiency by automating your retort operation.